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Yesterday I got some of my brain back because I got so much done. I even took C. to therapy after Tia left, & our home was much more peaceful last night. There was good conversation & healthy food. Today with a clearer mind I went to an exercise class for the first time in a month, now more organizing, paperwork, bills etc. I'm so glad Tia can help M. today with religion makeup packets that M. was not doing on her own. M.'s therapist will be happy to meet Tia today. Her therapist and doctor both recommended this type of assistance for her. Even my husband seemed more relaxed yesterday.  I'm so grateful for the gifts that stepped in when they were most needed. Thank you for your understanding and persistence.


 - B.P.


I had the pleasure of being Your Respite’s first customer.   My husband and I have a typical 7 year old and a 5 year old with severe Cerebral Palsy.  The strain of taking care of our son 24 X 7 was really taking its toll on us. We desperately needed a break.  We were pessimistic about finding someone who was willing and able to take care of our son; someone we could trust; and someone we could afford.  I was ecstatic when Stacy told me she would like to start a business providing respite to parents of special needs kids.  I had known Stacy Georges and her husband, Tom, for many years.  We knew Stacy would take excellent care of our kids and that we could relax while they were in her care. Since that wonderful weekend, we have used Your Respite numerous times.  I have been impressed with Stacy’s desire to learn how to best take care of our child and his special needs.  She has learned and mastered his feeding pump and stander and is now learning how to communicate with him using his Dynavox. Stacy’s vibrant and fun loving personality make her a great hit with my children.  We are able to relax and enjoy ourselves while Stacy’s watching our kids because we know they will be safe and happy.


- Amy R.

Mother of Alexandra and Justin


We first met Stacy from a contact thru our son’s Fulton County School System.  Our son, is a 15-year old who was diagnosed with autism before the age of two.  Over the years, he has received behavioral, speech and occupational therapies both from the public school system and also separate private providers we employ. However, the missing factor was relief for my wife and me.  We have family and other friends who can assist at times, but we never really had a trustworthy source for more lengthy or overnight excursions without our son. And given our son’s recent tendency to experience mild seizures, even while on prescribed medications, we desperately needed a reliable source for assistance.  Stacy has done so for us and proven to be not only trustworthy and efficient, but also charming and engaging with him.  We are pleased to consider her a valued participant in our Family’s management of my son's situation and are more than happy to express our pleasure with her services.


- Richard F.



Stacy Georges has been a blessing to our family since the time she walked into our house. She is kind, warm-hearted, loving, and enthusiastic towards our three children; and we love her! My husband and I have been able to leave our house without our youngest children crying because of the way Stacy is able to handle their needs. Stacy has even thought to bring fun and exciting toys for our children to play with to make her stay more fun, comfortable, and new while I'm away! It's hard to find someone like Stacy, who knows how to handle children, but especially children with special needs. She's not afraid to be with special needs children. Her heart is for our special little ones and you can see it. She's willing to do whatever it takes to make our family comfortable and safe... right from the start. Stacy understands the feelings a mother has with their special needs child/children, so that alone is wonderful to have with Your Respite. I appreciate the time she has given to our family. We look forward to seeing her every time she is in our home!


- Heaven B.



Stacy is a personal friend of mine.  We attend the same church.  Stacy runs a special needs Mom's group at our church, and I met her through this group two if not three years ago.  She has become a very good friend.  Her husband, Tom, plays in the church band with my husband.


Stacy is a wonderful, caring, and compassionate person.  She is so wonderful with kids.  My daughter has been diagnosed with Mitochondrial disorder, so she experiences low energy.  Stacy has sat with her during services when she was feeling too tired to participate in activities.  Stacy sits with her visiting and talking.  My daughter feels so comfortable with her.  Stacy seems to engage children so easily.  She and I have a mutual friend in our Mom's group named Amy R.  Amy has a son with severe CP.  I know that Stacy is the only person that Amy feels comfortable leaving her son with overnight.  She knows that Stacy will know what to do and how to work all the equipment for her son. Stacy has a servant's heart.  I highly recommend her and her services if any of your patients are in need of respite care.


- Ann M.



The best thing happened to me in the past year is that Stacy has been brought to our lives. I came to know Stacy in a special moms' gathering, and I was immediately attracted by her sunny smile and warmth she projected. When I learned Stacy would give respite care for special need family, I knew my long sought-after process had finally met the candidate. 


My husband and I have two children, one teenager and one 8 years old. Wesley, our younger son, is living with Autism. He's facing many challenges including behavioral, cognitive, social and living skills, and the most frustrating part is that he's nonverbal and therefore communication is a big issue.  Stacy approaches Wesly with cheering attitude and get-go spirit, she is also eager to get to know Wesley's distinctive likes and dislikes. Now they become play pals, and Wesley is so looking forward to having fun with Stacy!  Knowing someone who is trustworthy to leave your children with is so vital, even more so for the special need families. Bless her heart that Stacy would offer her service to this much needed population, she is truly a God-sent angel.


- Margaret H.


I am a mom with three kids seven and under.  All three have special needs ranging from the oldest, who has Auditory Processing Disorder and behavior and learning problems, to my five year old with developmental delays in speech and motor functions and severe issues with transitions, to my little one with Down Syndrome.  It was impossible to get a babysitter, especially one that was comfortable with all of their various issues.  We had given up on ever being able to have a break!  It was such a relief to find out about Your Respite.  My kids look forward to seeing Mrs. Stacy come up the walk because they know that they will have a great time.  I know my kids are safe and are getting to play and have special time with her. They do not sit in front of the TV but are engaged and happy the whole time we are gone.  She is always on time (usually early) very dependable and my house is always in better order than when I left it. 


I feel much better about leaving my kids with an adult who has kids of her own and knows how to deal with all their needs. We do not use anyone else.  I think our kids would go on strike if we did.  She is that special!


- Penny B.



My family and I want to thank you for how you’ve blessed all of us. The respite service you provide for Luke is awesome - he always has fun, and the knowledge that you can transport him, give him his meds and even give CPR! if he needs it is comforting. Beyond that, though, I admire your true spirit of servanthood. You rally the special needs community to support and encourage each other, and you are always ready to pitch in and help when there’s a need. I feel you have become a friend as well as a provider. If you ever need a recommendation, please let me know.


- D'Ann R.


We LOVE having you.  We were unable to go anywhere before you were dropped into our lives : ) It is such a relief to know that M. is OK without me being with him 24/7.  ALSO - the house was cleaner when I came back than when I left.  You have no idea how much you have changed our lives by giving us the freedom to travel some.

Thank you!


- A. D.

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