New Years Revolution!

That is not a typo!

I love it when I do not face a new year with regrets about my weight. I wrote: "I am grateful that I don't have the guilt of being overweight. Now I know how to deal with it." I was still not at my ideal weight. I did not have the helpless feeling that I had experienced for years. NOW I have the tools to change my health for the better.

New Year's day 2016, I made plans to go away for a weekend with my craziest girlfriends! This year I was going to have more energy, and more ability to enjoy life. The planned trip gave me the opportunity to set another goal. I made a commitment to lose a little more weight before my friends saw me! Having a date in mind to celebrate success, was one of my tools of good health. Instead of telling myself, "I can't have any alcohol until I am at my Ideal weight," I would tell myself that I would stay strictly on program until a certain date. This has been key to my success. I set a goal, then I allow myself a celebration weekend. At first, I must admit, I really went crazy with the forbidden foods and drink. Each time I got back on program Monday. I would talk to my health coach about how I felt after a weekend off program. The result was that each time I celebrated too hard, the next time I celebrated a little more moderately. This was the area of my greatest growth.

If you would have told me that I would be happier eating healthier, I would have told you that would never happen for me.

I am sharing this so that if there are people reading this thinking, "You don't understand; I have a LOVE affair with food!" I would say that I had a love affair also. The picture on my website shows me in the afterglow of gobbling a bowl of pasta. It was through my conversations with my health coach, that I realized my relationship with food was actually a Love affair. Identifying the problem is the first step to overcoming the problem. Now I needed to work on down shifting from romance to a healthy friendship.

By the end of January I was down 30 pounds!

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