It's the most wonderful time of the year! Dec 2015

My jounal reflects the stress and frustrations I experienced with my now, "adult children". When I read the jounal, it reminds me that the stressors were definately there, I was totally out of controll of my children's behaviors, but I leaned on my faith in God's promises. The big difference was that I no longer let those frustrations cause me to over eat. I had to come up with alternative strategies. Writing in the jounal, really helps me. I sometimes called or texted my coach, and other times I chose to take a walk until it was time for my next fueling.

On December 15 I journaled: "Only 39 pounds to go!" Can you belive it? I know people right now, who have been told, by their doctor, to lose 40 pounds, and they do not know what to do. I knew exactly what I had to do, and I was enjoying the jouney. That still amazes me!

I am a health coach now at 143 pounds, and my newest client said: "I am not going to be as strict as Stacy." That made me laugh, because she has no idea how "strict" I was. She only knows I had great results. The truth is that I did not always make the healthiest choices, but this program is so good, that I still lose weight! I get to eat every 2-3 hours, and my favorite time of day is what, on all other programs, was my hartest time of day. Evening TV Time. That was the time of day, when I am tired, and feel like I "deserve to relax and enjoy a snack". Now I have my peanut butter soft serve every night after dinner, and am still on program! I am a rule breaker at heart, so I put a few almonds in the blender with my soft serve, but I am still losing weight. Go figure.

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