Does parenting lead to Eating?

As I look at my journal, I see many reasons for stress eating. My number one reason this month was my kids. I am not shy about sharing my struggles as a parent. I have been in support groups for special needs moms for years. All my friends have heard my struggle with helping my children. Parental stuggles are similar during their transition into adulthood.

By the time our kids transition out of school, we have taken them by the hand through many crisis. Everyone of us tries to give them the tools to cope with disappointment. When they need to manage life's disappointments on their own, it is hard to let go. In my case, the first move my kids made was to turn their backs on all the strategies I had taught them. Most of us experience helplessness. It is like we are watching a horror film (or a train wreck). We see what is coming. We hear the scary music, and we want to yell, "Don't do it!" We know what is going to end badly! Our "adult" children tell us, "It is different now from when you were my age. I won't get hurt. I won't get caught. My freinds won't do that to me."

I wrote: Fear has me in a grip

1. Fear of giving up and eating like crazy.

2. Fear of my kids always depending on me.

3. Fear that my husband and I will never be able to travel together.

4. Fear that my kids will not need me.

I wrote: Calming my Fear with Faith

1. God is in control NOT me.

2. My kids are no longer my responsibility.

3. Trust in the Lord, and follow Him closely.

4. Calm conversations build relationships.

5. Avoid "All or nothing thinking". Live moment by moment. One bad choice does not need to start a downward spiral. Make good choices right after an unhealthy choice. Unhealthy choice = a choice that causes my body to work harder. eg. Carb/insulin/sugar crash/craving.

Solution = Eat protien, and drink more water!

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