The Best Spring in 11 years

I am enjoying life again.

I had plans to go to Nashville with my "craziest girlfriends", so I set my next goal for that weekend. I decided I would suprise my friends with this slimmer version of myself. I had so much more energy, I was enjoying life again! I could go to work,and still have enough energy to go see my husband play in his band!

When I was 200 pounds, I could just struggle through the tasks of each day. Then I would come home to plop on the couch. Now I was excited to see people I had not see for a while. When I was heavy, I dreaded seeing friends that knew me when I was younger.

I was still 20 pounds away from my ideal weight. The biggest problem was that I was feeling great (What a good problem to have, right?). I wanted to go out more! I was able to dance without pain! I wanted to exercise, because I felt so good.

I have always had a "I deserve a reward" attitude. That has contributed to my weight gain in the past, and now I needed to change my thinking. Now I say: I deserve to enjoy good health!

Spring was Great! I was able to go line dancing with my friends. We walked all over Nashville, and I never had pain in my hips or knees. I went to Florida, and could walk the beach without feeling like I would fall. I could bend over to pick up shells. I even felt confident in a swim suit. I was now wearing a size 12, when I was wearing size 18-20 before TSFL.

Spring was full of "Non-scale Victories!" I did not lose much weight, because I went from the 5:1 "Fat Burn" stage of the program, to a 3:3 maintenance stage. That means I ate three small meals, and used Medifast meals three times a day to keep my blood sugar stable. That makes all the difference in my appetite. I simply do not have cravings when I eat 6 times a day.

Do you want to enjoy these things again? If so, come walk with me!

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