Preparing the princess for the Ball

My next goal was to be down to 160 by the annual Focus Fundraiser dinner. This event is elegant and an opportunity to dress up. I wrote in my journal, "praying for 160 by Feb 27". The goal was only possible if I stayed on program for the next 14 days. That meant no wine, no beer, no Happy Hours. These were all my weaknesses, but I had to keep my goal in mind. I had to keep my "Why" in front of me. Why was I doing this?

Dr. A, in his book, talks about primary and secondary goals. One is your long term goal, and the other is those steps you need to take to get to the finish line (goal). I wanted to enjoy Happy Hour on Fridays, or any day I was stressed, but those things would keep me from my long term goal.

The next hurdle I needed to jump was the shopping. I Hate shopping! I know, I am a woman and therefore should love to shop. Nope, I did not get that gene. I hate it so much, that I was considering wearing a dress I had worn a year ago when I was 200 pounds. I would just get a brightly colored belt to sinch the waist. "No you won't!" Was my friends' reply. "We will come shopping with you." Now I really had to go shopping. Ugh!

I do like to go out with a group of friends. Usually it is to eat and drink an adult beverage. This would be a new behavior for me. Giving up my favorite group activites, and taking up my least favorite activity. Now that I am reviewing my journey, every step was a new behavior. I had to find new ways to cope with stress, and take up new "Healthy Habits." I had another shock coming when I looked at the price tags of dresses. What?! I felt like I was in the movie, "Devil Wears Prada." Money is no object when you are looking at party dresses. I had been given a gift card for Nordstroms from one of my clients. It was a sweet gift, but the dress I found at Norstroms was $300.00! All I could think was how many meals that could feed people in Africa or South America. Nope, I could not do it.

I agreed to meet my friends at Ross (Dress for less). I was so nervous, I had to be assisted from the parking lot, by leaning on my girlfriend's shoulder. Once inside, we started pulling dresses that might fit me. I really was not sure of my size at this point. I remember my first reaction when Christine pulled one of the "little black dresses" from the rack. I loved it, but was sure it was too small.

In the dressing room, I slipped into a burgundy one shouldered number. The mirror revealed something I had not seen in 10 years. A waist! I had a waist!! The dress we agreed that looked best was a size 12! My last dress was size tent. My friends were very complimentary, and I was glad I was able to share this wonderful moment with them.

On Feb 27 I was 159! The dinner dance was beautiful.We were greeted with lovely flutes of Champagne (Yes I had one). Everyone was dressed beautifully, and the music was playing. It was everything I had hoped for. I felt like a princess!

One thing I learned about goals is that when I meet a goal, they are worth the sacrifices I made. I have had to learn that more than once, but it is a life lesson I have neede to learn. I really do have the power to change my choices. If you are reading this, you have the power as well. We can walk through your journey together.

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