By March I am ready to exercise

When you start a calorie reduction program, it is best not to start exercising. That was music to my ears! I could hardly get off the couch, let alone, exert myself intentionally. By March I was tipping the scale at 159, meaning I was not carrying 41 pounds! That gave me enough evergy to start walking. The weather was cool like I like it (61 and sunny), and I could wear a light jacket. My job has been to care for special needs children in a recreation setting, but I had been letting them play on the play ground or taking them to jump on trampolines while I supervised.

Now I was able to start walking the greenways provided in our community. Just a brisk walk was more activity than I had done in a while. This really helped the parents I worked for as well. The children I work for, cannot tell you why they are aggitated, but it is helpful if they get outside and exert energy.

Strangest thing: I started to feel funny about only being 20 pounds away from my ideal weight. I know it sounds wrong to be nervous about success. I had been 60 pounds over weight for 11 years, and now my goal was within sight. Believe it or not, I was afraid of getting "done" and what would happen next. What if the new clothes I just bought got too tight? Could I deal with that level of failure? I talked to my health coach about my fears. She has never been as heavy as I have, but she was very helpful. She started talking to me about transitioning to the Maintainace phase of the program. What do I eat to keep the weight off?

The question I get asked most is, "Do you eat meal replacements the rest of your life?" Under that question, is the fear that I am "hooked" on this program. I will never be able to "eat normal" again. Well, "Normal" got me up to 200 pounds. I don't think I need to eat that much anymore. My metabolism is slowing as the years go by. I need to change the way I eat, and the way I use food as a reward. I realize that what I once had was a love affair with food. It did not make me happy. It betrayed me. I realized that I need to pick my lovers more wisely. :0)

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