Fat Tuesday, but not for me!

The day before Ash Wednesday, people in New Orleans celebrate Fat Tuesday! That is the day they do all the sinful things that they are forbidden to do during Lent. We call it Mardi Gras! In my Journal I wrote, "Fat Tuesday, but not for me!" I was down 35 pounds from my start date of November 2. Now that is something to celebrate! I did not feel like I needed to party with the devil to celebrate my success.

My health coach taught me to list my "Non-Scale Victories".

# 1. No more C-Pap machine.

a) No checking it through security every time I fly.

b)No more packing the C-pap every time I work an overnight!

# 2. Overall Cholesteral is down!

# 3. Bad Cholesterol is down!

# 4. Good Cholesterol is Up!

# 5. The skirt bathing suit is getting loose.

# 6. A male friend said my face looks 10 years younger now! Even if he is lying, I will take it.

# 7. We booked our dream trip to Greece! I alwasy joked that by the time we could afford to go to Greece, my husband would be pushing my wheelchair up to the Acropolis. NOW I think I will be able to walk up!

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