Pulling the plug! How sleep affects weight loss.

Many Americans are dependent on C-pap machines, and so was I.

By Febuary, my husband said that when I slept without my C-Pap, I did not struggle for breath. So... I unplugged that machine and nevery used it again! Many Americans are dependent on C-pap machines, and so was I.

I knew that my weight was the reason I was gasping for breath all night. It was the reason I was never fully rested. The result of my sleep distrubance, interfered with my every day life. It actually endangered my children. I remember dragging myself out of bed every morning to drive my kids to school. I could barely drive myself home to get back in bed, so I could sleep until it was time to go pick up my kids. I specifically remember one day driving home. I had reached my neighborhood, and I saw the driver in front of me waving me around. It hit me as odd, but it took me several hours to realize why. I had fallen asleep at the wheel, and woke up in time to see him waving me around!! That was just one of the signs that I was not getting enough rest at night. The other sign was that I was exercising three times a week, yet I kept gaining weight! When I went to the ENT for my first consult, he mentioned that I would not lose weight until I got enough sleep. This is one of the ways our bodies protect them selves from starving.

If you have a C-pap, your doctor has probably told you to lose weight. Now I know how! The strategies that worked for me in the past, (increasing my exercise) did not work anymore. Now I know that when I don't get a good night of rest, my body will not let go of weight. Sleepless nights was just another reason I did not have much energy.. Since I lost weight, I can get a good night's sleep. Since I can now get a good night's sleep, I can now lose weight!

Now I do not have to carry around the other 57 pounds, and I get better sleep!

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