My Love Affair with Food

I love to journal, and I kept notes on my success, and my frustrations. I needed to overcome my stressors another way besides drinking wine, and eating eveything in site. This is that story:

It had been 11 years since my daughter was diagnosed with both ADHD and Anxiety. The Psychiatrist called her a "combo-kid". My beautiful daughter was age 7 and in the first grade. Like most moms of special needs children, all I knew was that I was exhausted. I thought it was due to my inefficient parenting. Unfortunately, the kindergarten teacher was all too happy to agree that it was our parenting causing the problem. Any special needs mom will tell you that the diagnosis is usually the begining of the search for treatment, therapy, medication, effective schooling, and endless battles with well meaning educators.

So when my youngest graduated high school in 2015, I new it was time for me to face my own issues. I knew that I needed to take my own health seriously. I had to stop using my children's issues as my excuse to be 200 pounds, using a C-pap, and barely able to get up off the couch. That is when I called a health coach that was helping a friend. I started the program Nov. 2, 2015. The day after we celebrated my husband's 54th birthday. I had a friend ask me: "Why did you start a diet right before the holidays?" The fact is that we can always find a reason not to start. Even though it made me question my timing, I realized that my holidays would be filled with hope rather than defeat. While everyone was complaining about being "stuffed" after Thanksgiving dinner, I was thinking, "I have a secret! I have lost 14 pounds already, and I have a plan to lose more!"

By the end of November I had lost 17 pounds, and I had pumpkin pie, and a glass of wine on the holiday. The big difference was that I only had one of each, where I would have had a "bottomless" glass, and endless desserts on previous holidays.

I journaled: "look better, and feel more confident." The surprise was that I was not discouraged knowing I had a long way to go. I felt successfull, because of my health coach.


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